Friday, August 1, 2014

The Orange Coast: Pagudpud

My year's kick-starter always starts mid-February.
In fact, February is my January since this is when I always feel completely in the now and has thoroughly absorbed the fresh year into my system.
This is also our love month, and when I say love I don't just mean theValentines - Feb is our anniversary month (yay! flutters eyelashes).
This year, we picked the ever timeless Ilocos to visit and yep folks, we have absolutely no regrets!
We basked in the glory of the heritage city of Vigan (and some neighboring towns like Paoay) on our first day and (this serves as warning! Lol) as expected, the vintage addict in me got too overwhelmed that we ran out of camera battery before the day even ended. (Please check my older posts to see how we spent our tour.)
Then on day two, there's the alluring coast of Pagudpud to discover. But first lemme, take an #ootd! Ha Ha Ha!
I am not sure how I managed to squeeze in the luxury of making these loose little curls on my hair on a day that started so early.

I swear, there's no end to the impossible things I'm capable of doing in the name of photo-ops - yeah, no shame there. Lol Or it could be that the wanderer in me was giddy with excitement that I woke up two hours before go-time and had the the full hour before breakfast to take 'em curling irons out and sport this carefree do. Then I already noticed from day one tour that it could get a little hot outside especially that we are going to be travelling the coastline so I had my trusty fedora on with my comfy jeans, cardigans and sunnies. I knowwwww (eyes rolling), maybe a little too touristy butttttt... :P

So these are some of our favorite places we get to visit during the tour.
First stop - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.Move over, modern architecture, this thing started operating in 1892 (yes, that's eighteen) and was still functioning a hundred years after that.
I swear I should have stayed away to give the lighthouse its moment! Lol!
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation gave me the Game of Thrones feel (play GOT tune here. Ha Ha Ha!).
Major reason being the horseride during the tour - Daenerys Targaryen, anyone? No one should skip the amazing experience of being on a horse, the majestic creamy white limestone formations around you, the ice-cold wind on your face and the feeling of having your own hacienda, inspecting it atop your mighty horse. And yes, this brain of mine can go weird places so I'm gonna stop now.
And up to this day I still wonder - who (or what?) in the world made those little neat pile of rocks. O_O

My ride during my tour of the realm! Ha Ha Ha!
The sun was at its highest elevation when we reached the famous Bangui Windmills.
Good thing the chilling wind complemented the high noon perfectly making the beach walk under the sun (a.k.a cam-whoring) tolerable.
These giant wind turbines by the bay not just produce electricity but also greatly affect the high rise on the number of tourists that visits Ilocos every year.
Talk about beauty and multi-functionality - brilliant thinking!
There are 20 of these magnificent wind turbines along the bay.

And the day won't be complete without seeing Pagudpud's beaches that easily rival Boracay and Palawan with its pristine white sand, classy resorts by the clear blue
waters and the thoroughly relaxing chilly air.
The only regret I had on this trip is not taking lotsa beach pics here! :(

Insert postcard caption here! :P

For some reason, although I haven't really been there, this place gives off a California vibe (Orange County, perhaps) with all those cliffs and postcard-worthy view around the beaches.
Before we even left Pagudpud that day, we were already talking of how we are definitely going to come back to spend summers here. Awww, we left a big part of our heart and we'll definitely come back for 'em! :P