Monday, July 14, 2014

La Vie Parisienne: A Little Taste of Paris

Color vomit! Lol Make sure you come and visit in the morning to get this lighting.
One look at my post and you would know exactly why I needed to see the place - those pink blossoms! Okay, yeah that might be a little superficial and childish but hey, that's the only thing worth going about this place, I believe.
I am such a big lover of colors and the sight of La Vie's restaurant set got me giddy with excitement. Sadly, it stops there. But go on reading, please.

Bakery entrance (don't worry, I didn't touch the croissants. lol)
So I first learned about the place through a picture posted by a blogger on facebook. At first I thought, "Woah, Japan! Such early blossoms" (posted last January) and went straight to the link of the blogger's page and surprise, surprise it's this little french bakery in Cebu City.

What a pleasant coincidence! We were scheduled for a flight to the queen city of the south a few weeks after my discovery of La Vie and so I immediately included it in our list of places to visit.
La Vie Parisienne is situated in Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City. Our hotel was a few blocks away, it could have been an easy walk, actually, but we were not very familiar with this part of the city so we had a cab helped us navigate to the place.It was a little too early. I guess, when we got there since the staff are still busy going around unloading and rearranging things in their bakery.
We went to the menu and because things are named in French, of course I would ask for help to make sure I could actually eat what I would end up ordering. So I began asking the difference between this and that, which are bestsellers so far, what's that supposed to mean, how's this compared to this - a little too touristy maybe, lol. Sadly the answers we got came a little too noncommittal than graceful and so we decided we're not very crazy about their customer service. I am not usually very picky with the people who serve me food but a little smile and pleasant demeanor among food servers can go a long way.
The gigantic goat cheese with honey sandwiches - one of the best random food decisions I've ever made in my entire life! Lol
Since the people at the counter could not really give us their thoughts on the food menu, we felt a bit too eager to leave but decided to, at least, check the place out and order a few item to eat while we take pictures. We just went ahead and order what we thought were familiar items on their menu. Both my boyfriend and I got the goat cheese with honey sandwiches which, by the way, were superb! I would strongly recommend it. If you are not mad hungry, though, you wouldn't want to eat this alone. We ordered two and consumed them for what felt like hours. LOL. I guess, we really shouldn't have eaten the hotel breakfast. Along with those, we ordered tall glasses of orange juice and some of their famous Parisian macaroons.
I am not really crazy over macaroons but these are yum! :)
Their cellar boasts of different types of wine - those of which worth buying I couldn't afford. Lol

So there, the idea is to get the blossoms shot and I think we were able to meet that goal so it was a win situation. If you, however, are planning to visit for a good meal then I would not hesitate to suggest for you to turn around and feast on their famous Cebu lechon, instead. Now that is one giant tummy satisfaction! :)

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